The correct diaphragmic breath is the base for a good vocal technique!

This is the ASB technique!

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ASB technique

The ASB technique is a system for learning to sing that combines the demands of the singing technique with the science on the functioning of the body; it has 3 levels of learning:

Independent physical training

The singer improves the body’s physical abilities, gains strength and coordination in muscles used to support correct diaphragmic breathing and thereby conquer the vocal technique efficiently

Vocal technique – motion

Using motion aids to support more efficient establishment of the vocal technical elements and in implementing musical content.

Vocal technique

The aim is to perfect the vocal technique, conquer the musicality, and prepare for a singing performance.


In contract to the teaching practice of singing so far, the ASB technique puts much emphasis on learning the correct diaphragmic breath. What makes this technique special is the guided learning of the diaphragmic breath with functional training. This is an advantage of the book’s content: to establish the correct singing breath for a good vocal technique.



There cannot be good singing without correct diaphragmic breathing. Learn how to systematically use those muscles that enable the best result. The book offers functional training to achieve the optimal goal. The exercise system enables you to sense, strengthen, and correctly use your singing breath.


We can only learn the high notes using a systematic coordinated breathing and vocal technique. That is exactly what the book offers. The exercises are written in a manner that will enable you to reach the highest notes with regular practice.


If you want your voice to have clear intonation, to be full of resonance so you are able to recreate the dynamic differences with it, to have beautiful, high tones and gain strength in your voice, then the ASB technique is the foundation for your learning.


Do you have problems with long rhetoric, cannot hold the long notes, or cannot sing out the melody nicely = the system of exercises in this book enables just that.


Accurately described and defined functional exercises for singers is a unique technique that eliminates all problems with diaphragmatic breathing once and for all. It is exceptionally efficient and therefore conquering the vocal technique is much simpler and more successful.

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Readers’ comments

A superb book by an excellent professor of singing. Necessary study material for anyone who wants to sing in a healthy manner and long-term. The book includes a vast array of knowledge, information, instructions. You will not regret reading it.


I finally got my hands on it. Short, concise information that should be known to anyone who is at least a tiny bit interested in the vocal technique, and also those who want in-depth knowledge.


Dear singers, here it is: the super manual for all singers written by the miracle worker Alenka Slokar Bajc.  A mandatory read for everyone who wants to have a healthy voice and singing technique.  


An exceptional book by an extraordinary professor of solo singing. Mandatory reading material for all singers. I recommend it warmly. It is time we start to become aware of how our singing body works and use that knowledge to our advantage.





Alenka Slokar Bajc

Alenka Slokar Bajc, soprano, professor of music and classical singing, completed her musical education at the University of Ljubljana Academy of Music, the Department of Music Education and the Department of Singing. After graduation she continued her singing education at the Mozarteum Academy of Music and Performing Art in Salzburg.

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