The book The basics of the vocal technique with the support of functional training for singers was created as the reflection of my many years of research, conquering the vocal technique, searching for answers to questions and problems related to voice development. I wanted to describe how to understand and conquer the basics of vocal technique as simply as possible as they are quite important for successful and healthy continuation of vocal education.
The system I am introducing is learning how to sing by combining the demands of the singing technique and the science on the functioning of the body. 
You will learn how to conquer the correct singing breath and how to implement functional exercises for faster and more conscious use of the singing body.
E -book in pdf format and e-pub format consists of 108 pages with detailed instructions and exercises to achieve success.



A significant part of the manual is dedicated to the adoption of correct breathing technique. For that reason, I have added a section on functional training, as a new and efficient tool aiding in a more productive and conscious use of the singer’s body. The functional exercises presented here are the result of thorough research into how to teach the singer to adopt correct costo-abdominal breathing, which includes inhalation, suspension and exhalation. When correctly performed, this maintains a constant subglottic pressure (pressure under the vocal fold), which is of exceptional importance when learning vocal technique.

The system of singing instruction presented here connects the demands of vocal technique with the relevant science of the human body. I have named this technique the ASB-technique.

It focuses on conditioning the singer’s body and facilitating their optimal technical and musical advancement with the aid of a new systematic methodology of singing instruction.

The ASB technique teaches the singer how to use the body correctly in a manner that prevents unnecessary mistakes in the learning and execution of dinging. It does not rest on imaginary ideas about singing instruction; instead, it defines a precise system of instruction that takes into account the given physiological, kinetic and artistic dispositions of a particular singer. This systematization of new methodologies and didactics expedites the process of learning to sing and facilitates the achievement and maintenance of high quality results from the beginning to the end of one’s artistic career.

The new ASB technique allows for a targeted approach to the resolution of problems with the help of specific exercises that are executed with the help of various exercise tools. In contrast with established practice, I do not teach vocal technique merely through singing, but also include movement exercises. Depending on the needs of a particular singer, these exercises are executed before singing, as conditioning of the body, and during singing as support for lacking or incompletely developed technique or musicality.

To condition the singer’s body before singing, I make use of functional training, during which the singer familiarises with and becomes aware of their body, as well as gaining strength, flexibility and coordination. Such an approach results in an optimally prepared body that is ready to sing. The exercises are adapted to promote correct singing posture, inhalation, suspension, and exhalation, the flexibility of the body, stamina of the functional muscles and the coordination essential for singing. All of this eases the adoption of technical basics, such as singing phonation, resonance, articulation and musicality.

The final result is a perfected, fully adopted technique that enables high quality artistic interpretation.

Additional information

Additional information

Publisher: Salve d.o.o. Ljubljana
Number of copies: 333
Place and year of publication: Ljubljana, 2018
Copyright Alenka Slokar Bajc
Title: The basics of vocal technique
Author: Alenka Slokar Bajc
Text on functional exercise: Sandra Jamnik Alenka Slokar Bajc
Music notation: Radovan Škerjanc
Illustration: Manja Globevnik
Book design: Ana Martina Podgoršek
Logo design: Rajko Bajc
Editor: Manja Globevnik
Copy-editing, proofreading: Bojan Keevill, for Lingula, jezikovni center, d. o. o.
Translation: Iva Jevtić, for Lingula, jezikovni center, d. o. o.