Dear musician, dear artist, ASB Academy, an institute for education,
organizes a set of five entrepreneurial workshops for musicians and other artists.

It will be led by renowned expert Mag. Zineta Vilman, a researcher in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainable leadership with 30 years of experience in management and leadership positions, entrepreneur,  an online mentor to undergraduate students of management, leadership, finance , entrepreneurship and a certified NLP Coach. If you lack knowledge on how to deal with financial, organizational and other areas in the world of management as an artist, this workshop is right for you.

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Become a successful art manager! Become a successful art entrepreneur!

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– the benefits and challenges of the entrepreneurial path – how to find a niche market and start your
entrepreneurial journey with the least risk

– how to develop your career plan – finance and taxes and why it is wise to have a good accountant

– promotion and branding

– modern sales tools

– creativity and innovation- how to stay true to your mission Each workshop illuminates one area of entrepreneurship, and all five workshops together represent the full range of knowledge and practical tools for a successful entrepreneurial journey.


musicians, artists and other creatives who are interested in the independent entrepreneurial path but do not have sufficient knowledge of entrepreneurship, sales, finance and planning their own careers;

to all students of music and other artists who are looking for their way into the future but do not know where to start;

to all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship students who can draw inspiration from the music and art world for creativity and innovation;

to anyone else who wants to know how entrepreneurship and the arts are connected and why or how they complement each other.